Release Date
1st May 2021

The Spring Bank Challenge Pack

Unfortunately, government guidelines wouldn't allow us to safely run the event again this year, but we wanted to be able to give anyone who wanted to take part, a bit of a taste of Spring Bank Camp. So, we created this challenge pack with lots of ideas and things to do to be able to bring a little bit of Spring Bank Camp to your bedroom, back garden or local area.

How to use the pack

The pack contains activities, split into the various categories which link to the aspects of Spring Bank Camp (Camp Life, Events & Entertainments, Arts & Crafts and Activities). The activities are designed to be able to be done in groups (as long as it is allowed and safe to do so) or individually at home with parents or guardians. We'll provide a timetable, similar to that of a 'normal' Spring Bank Camp (although I'm sure anyone who's been to Spring Bank Camp will say that it's anything but 'normal').

The idea is that you can then choose from the list activities, something to do at the appropriate time. We've tried to design the activities so that they only use items that you would have at home already, or could easily and inexpensively get from local shops.

How to get your badge

'Campers' need to complete 8 activities from the challenge pack. Once you've done this, let your leaders know and they can order you the badge. The badge order form will be available with the challenge pack.

Any Questions?

Please CLICK HERE to get in touch with us at the usual address.